I have a note from my vascular surgeon, which is stored in the hospital EHR which states the following.

"Mr.Z was scheduled for right forearm arteriovenous shunt. He was found to have a potassium of 6.7 with repeat potassium of 6.4. His surgery will be cancelled. He will have a perma-cath placed. He will undergo hemodialysis. He will be admitted for 23-hour ovservation. For details of his history and physical, please refer to previously dictated preoperative history and physical of day surgery admission."

The H&P that he is referring to is a scanned copy of his note from a patient encounter on 7/5/2011 when the decision for surgery was made. The service was performed in the Doctors office.

Inital Observation codes require three of three. Is it appropriate to use the HPI, ROS, PFSF, EXAM from the note on 7/5/2011 toward choosing the observation code for 7/27/11?