There is not a specific thread for Infectious Disease specialty, so I'm applying this in several feeds in hopes for help.

We have a very adamant Infectious Disease physician that is always worried that something is missed or needs/wants education at all times. We are at wits end, because we are constantly feeding information to this physician with no response. Is there any Infectious Disease coders in Ohio that can provide advice on making sure we are capturing everything or simply any words of advice. (In general)

Also, a lot of times a hospitalist is on the same case as this provider in the hospital and seems to be getting denials. I don't get to see these denials because this office is off campus and that information is sent to them directly. I am assuming it's for concurrent care.

At times this physician is also in CCU providing critical care services at the SAME time the hospitalist physician is providing care. Correct me if I'm wrong, but she cannot bill for the service if the hospitalist is since it's the same time?

Any Infectious Disease help would be greatly appreciative!! Thanks!!