Last Dec 2010 I received my CPC from the AAPC. I have 12yrs experience in the medical industry and have a vast amount of varied experience to utilize in the role of Medical Biller/Coder. For the past four years I have been doing the billing/coding for a Cardiologist. Office patients as well as in/outpt hosptial. I also have extensive experience as Insurance Specialist/Referral Coordinator and understand all the steps of the billing process which will assure clean claims and prompt payment. I have also worked denials, appeals, collections, posting payments and EOB's. I am currently working full time and would continue to unless a remote opportunity opened up that would allow me to go part time or quit all together and work from home. I would love to eventually have my own billing business. Starting out doing remote billing/coding I think would be a good beginning and I would appreciate any input or opportunity offered.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking for someone to assist you with your billing needs or have any questions about my credentials.


Diana S. Garrison, CPC