I work for a Hearing Aid/Audiology clinic that has an ENT on the schedule one day a week. I'm the sole person in charge of the insurance claims, and I'm having trouble finding the information I need:

When the ENT orders a hearing test to be performed by staff audiologist during the appointment, how is it supposed to be coded?

The providers seem to think I can just Bill it as if the ENT performed the test, but I don't think that is correct. I remember reading somewhere that it has to be billed under the NPI of the audiologist. If that's the case, does the audiologist need a completely separate claim form? Or can the charge line with the hearing test have the NPI of the Audiologist and still have the signature of the ENT on the bottom?

My solution has been to just do a completely separate claim for the Audiologist, but there are a couple of insurance carriers that the audiologist doesn't participate with.

FYI, the ENT charges all of his visits as E/M for New or Established patient.