Hey all,

Here is a brief version of the op report:

INDICATION: Patient has blood per PEJ tube, EGD to rule out ulcer.

PROCEDURE: scope was advanced to esophagus, stomach, and duodenum. There was a PEG tube with a J-tube extension, which was not in the jejunum. The tubing was rolled int he stomach. Two resolution clips were used to anchor the tube to the small bowel. Note that there was not evidence of ulceration or irritation in the stomach.

IMPRESSION: Evidence of previous percutaneous endoscopic gatrostomy tube placement with jejunostomy tube extension, which was not in the small bowel. Status post anchoring of the jejunostomy tube in the smal bower using two resolution clips.

So I'm not sure how to code the anchoring of the jejunostomy. Does anyone have any suggestions?