Hello all,

Pre/Post dx:
Lt 5th extensor compartment tenosynovitis with extersor digiti minimi attritional rupture secondary to distal radial ulnar joint OA

5th extensor compartment tenosynovectomy with distal ulnar resection (25119) and distal based half slip extensor carpi ulnaris tenodesis (looking at 25337)

Entensor digiti minimi/extensor digitorum communis, small finger, tendon transfer to adjacent extensor digitorum communis ring finger (26480)

tenodesis included with the 25119?

Per note

"ulnar head was resected with microsagittal saw with blunt Holhmann retractors protecting underlying structures. Hand osteotomes to resect base of ulnar styloid. Drill bits utilized to assist with distal-based half-slip ECU tenodesis, secured with Pulvertaft Weave X4."

Thanks for any thoughts!