Hello all,

Pre/Post Dx:
Lt palm wound with exposed tendon s/p I&D lt long finger axis infection and tenovaginotomy

Lf palm wound delayed secondary closure with Z-plasty and resection of FDS

Op reads:

Elliptical excision of palm long finger axis margins performed, approx 2-3mm each location to freshen up wound edges. Extended distal and proximal in a Z fashion, specifically ulnar digital palmar crease long finger, proximal to thenar eminence. Hook retractors inserted. No gross sign of infection, although extensive scar identified. Flexor digitorum superficialis resection was performed as a result, with tenolysis of the flexor digitorum profundus with passive flexion and tenotomy scissors. At least 2 liters of sterile saline solution used and central closure with distal ulnar proximal radial wounds left open with Iodophor packing to allow drainage.

I see 26170 and 26440-59 and bill 13160? 998.83?? anywhere close here?