Needing ideas on this one please.

Incision and debridement o left fisulta in mammo and biopsy of lt nipple areolar complex.

Thelet upper chest was sterilely prepped and draped in the usual fashion. A lacrimal probe was placed through a chronic appearing sinus opening off the left periareolar border between the 9 and 12 o'clock position. This lacrimalprobe went towards and through the central duct nipple coming out of it, in the central portion of the nipple,, and therefore a scapel was then used to open up this chronic fistulous tract. A section of this left nipple areolar tract was biopsied due to its chronic inflammation to ensure no underlying malignancy was present and this was sent to pathology for permanent section. The chronic fistulous tract was then further debrided with a curet roughing up the chronic inflamed edges of it until there was a good bleedind surface to the fistulous tract. There was no evidence of any other chronic cavity present deep to this area etc.

I am looking at 13160 and 19120 - any ideas would be appreciated.

Let this be a lesson it you want your nipple pierced don't do it after drinking and accomplishing it with a TOOTHPICK - makes me hurt just thinking about it!!