*** Need some opinions on this. Is there enough documentation to bill 50389. Or just 50394/74425 (bilateral)

1. Antegrade Nephrostogram, bilateral.
2. Tube removal, bilateral.

Contrast: Iso-250: 60 ml. Fluoro Time: 1.9 min. 14 Gy per square

Informed consent was obtained. Multiple overhead radiographs were
obtained in conjunction with injection of contrast into bilateral
Percutaneous Nephrostomy tube. Upon completion of the nephrostogram
the Percutaneous Nephrostomy tubes were removed. Completion
radiographs were obtained.

Findings: The bilateral percutaneous nephrostomy tubes are in good
position. No evidence of leak. No evidence hydronephrosis. Prompt
filling of the renal pelvis, ureter, and bladder. There is no
evidence of extravasation. Post removal of the percutaneous
nephrostomy tubes there is near-complete drainage.

Foley catheter in urinary bladder. Surgical clips bilateral pelvis.
JP drain gone.

1. Negative for evidence of contrast extravasation after
2. Successful removal of bilateral percutaneous nephrostomy tubes..