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    Does anyone know what CPT to use for Fluarix for Medicare. I can't find a specific code.
    Should it be Q2039 - Not otherwise specified?

    Thank you,

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    We are using Q2039.

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    Is anyone receiving payment on the Q2039 with Medicare? Thanks for your help

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    Have you had luck with the Q2039? We also used that and Medicare denied all of ours. When I call them they agree that there isn't a better code, but yet all my redeterminations come back as saying they will not pay for an unspecified. I am ready to pull my hair out!

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    I am with a Florida family practice doctor, and ALL of our Q2039's were denied, needing further documentation. I called the supplier, which happened to be Glaxo-Smith-Kline for advice. They said use 90656 - I called Medicare to see if they will accept this, and the answer was yes. Maybe you would have luck by calling your supplier too.

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    It's 90656

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