Looking for a CPT to describe this service. Looking at 27599 comparable to 27328 is about all I can come up with, any help or pointers would be appreciated. How would you code this? Thanks

Its described as: Removal of soft tissue and bone tether, right thigh

FOR: Congenital femoral deficiency, with soft tissue
and bone tether

tether between the skin and a prominence
on the femur. The goal of surgery today is to release that tether to allow more
normal contour of the thigh

underwent anesthesia. The extremity was cleansed with Hibiclens and
water and then alcohol, and then sterilely prepped in the usual fashion.

The area was pre-injected with approximately 1 cc of Marcaine with
epinephrine. Then, sharp dissection was taken circumferentially in an
elliptical incision. The entire soft tissue tethe was removed sharply,
leaving no skin left behind. Then subcutaneous dissection was taken to
release adherent soft tissue, and then ultimately sharp dissection was
taken through the muscle and periosteum on the femur "bump", and a rongeur
was used to remove the most prominent aspect of this.