Good Morning!
I have been having a discussion with my administrator and debating the use of the physician standby code 99360. He states he has a "friend" at CMS who has told him that code can be used when/if a OB/GYN attending is on L&D, there with the midwife, the midwife catches the baby, but the attending can code for the standby.
My interpretation of this service is totally different and I have been unable to find anything on CMS or ACOG supporting this code in that setting. I told him it could not be used. Per the guidelines it states "the physician may not be providing care or services to other patients during this period". Most of the time our physicians are covering the entire L&D board with other providers. If I am understanding correctly, this can only be used in a case where a physician has asked another physician to possibly perform a surgery in the event he is unable to do so ( be it personal or professional). If the requesting provider IS able to perform the services, the attending on "standyby" can submit charges using this code. However, if the attending who has been asked to "standby" performs the surgery, the standby code does not get submitted only the surgical code.