Doc took patient back to OR after an 2nd hernia surgery. Pt had mesh placed during 2nd surgery for incarcerated ventral hernia repair. Now pt goes back for non-resolving bowel obstruction. Ends up with a small bowel resection, removal of old mesh, separation of components and placement of Alloderm overlay mesh then closure of abdominal wound. The Alloderm mesh was placed as a reinforcement of the abdominal wall. Doc states he did an incisional hernia repair with mesh but I don't think this is considered another hernia repair. Pt did not have a recurrance of the hernia. Would the overlay mesh be a billable service or be treated as a mesh placement with no hernia repair? Not sure how to handle the Alloderm. I would bill the 15734-Rt, 15734-Lt, 44120 but the removal of old mesh and insertion of Alloderm overlay mesh has me stumped.
Anyone ever code something like this?