Please verify my codes if correct

Is foraminotomy (63030) codeable here as well? Thanks in advance!
Pt. was taken to the op room, where general endotracheal anesthesia was uneventfully induced, pt. was placed supine and there the lumbar spine was prepped and draped in standart aseptic fashion.

Through her previous c section incision, an opening was made and the approach was performed by Dr.X who will dictate this. Once the L5-s1 disk space was identified flouroscopically, an anterior annulotomy was performed and discectomy was performed w/punches and ronguers.
posteriorly, a foraminotomy was performed with the posterior longitudinal ligament being released on the left with the foramen cleared out. Multiple pieces of disk were removed. The disk space was then sequenctially opened and the end plates burnished in the interbody cage with osteocel autograft and BMP were in placed in the interbody space. Screws were placed and countersink under flouro guidance. the wound was then copiously irrigated and closed.