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Thread: ICD-9 pregnancy screening dx

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    Default ICD-9 pregnancy screening dx

    This is a new one for me... A serum pregnancy test was done in our office to confirm a negative result, so an x-ray could be taken. No pregnancy signs or symptoms at the time of service.

    If anyone knows what ICD-9 code should be used, I would appreciate the your help.


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    Why not V72.41?

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    Default I agree V72.41

    that is the one that I would use too.

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    we did a serum pregnancy test to confirm negative pregnancy prior to doing a surgery. BCBS wants a medical diagnosis, they deny V72.41 as not a covered diagnosis. I would be interested in any suggestions.

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    there is no other dx code you can use, if it is non covered then that is your answer.

    Debra A. Mitchell, MSPH, CPC-H

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