Are there any codes specific for Celiac Compression Syndrome or MALS?
Any feedback is helpful.

A transverse incision was made in a bilateral subcostal fashon. The muscle was divided and the abdomen was entered. The abdomen was explored. No obviaous intrabdominal pathology was identified. The nasogastric tube was checked for placement. The left lateral segment of the liver was then mobilized an rotated to the right. Next the esophagus was identified and mobilized. It was then completely dissected to the right of the aorta. The Spleen pancreas and left colonic flexure were mobilized and rotated to the midline. At this point the diaphragmatic crura were visualized. Straight down the midline of the aorta, the cura was divided. They were densely adherant to the aorta. The celiac artery was idenified. there were multiple tight bands compressing the celiac artery, and these were completely resected. An aberrant arterial branch was identified arising to the left lateral segment of the aorta at the celiac level. This was ligated. The celiac was then circumferentially skeletonized, resecting the celiac ganglion in the region of previous compression. The artery dilated nicely. there were strong Doppler signals and a palpable pulse. With the decompression completely performed the celiac ganglion resected, meticulous hemostasis was assured. The spleen was inspected. there were two small capsular tears, which were controlled with electrocautery and topical hemostatic agents. Meticulous hemostasis was assured. The abdominal contents were returned to their native orientation. YADA YADA YADA.