We performed CT guidance for injection in lumbar/sacral (CPT 64483) in the hospital setting. The actual procedure/injections were performed by the Pain Clinic physician and not Radiology. Since CPT 64483 includes the CT guidance, what would be the appropriate CPT code to bill on the radiologist side and hospital side? (CPT 76380 - CT limited or localized follow up, CT Abdomen or Pelvis?) Report is below. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

CT guided celiac plexus neurolysis

TECHNIQUE: 2 mm thick serial axial images were obtained through the region of the retroperitoneum from
approximately mid T10 to mid L4. Sagittal and coronal reformatted views were also obtained.

FINDINGS: Procedure was performed by the Pain Clinic. The patient was placed in prone position. Please see
procedure note for description of multiple needle placement and description of injections.

The Radiology Department has been asked to briefly evaluate images for possibility of unexpected findings that may
require treatment.

There is no fracture or destructive lesion of the visualized vertebra. There is a faint hyperdensity within the
left kidney may represent a tiny calculus. The kidneys otherwise appear unremarkable for a noncontrast

There are diffuse aortic atherosclerotic calcifications. There is partial visualization of a metallic stent
within the proximal duodenum. There is also partial visualization of a bile duct stent. There is scattered
pneumobilia within the visualized liver. The tail of the pancreas appears atrophic. The pancreatic head is not
well seen secondary to streak artifact from the stents.
IMPRESSION:CT images obtained as part of celiac plexus neurolysis procedure performed by Pain Clinic. No evidence
of unexpected abnormality requiring immediate treatment. Please see Pain Clinic procedure note for description of
procedure and associated CT findings