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Thread: Medicare CPT Code 90736

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    Lightbulb Medicare CPT Code 90736

    Good Morning Fellow Medicare Subject matter Experts.

    In reference to CPT code 90736 Zoster Vaccine from all of the information that I have reviewed Medicare does not reimburse for this specific CPT code. Is there an Alternative code under the G series of codes that Medicare wants to see on claims to make payment?

    Any information that you can provide to me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and have a pleasant day.

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    This is an allowable code for Medicare. Where are you seeing that it is not covered?

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    The Zoster vaccine isn't covered by Medicare Part B but it is covered by Medicare Part D. In our clinic, the patient orders it from our pharmacy and then the nurse does the injection.

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    Default zostavax

    What waiver is used for the Zostavax if given in the office? We know that Part B Medicare does not cover this.

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    Is administration of the injection incidental to whatever E/M is performed for the pt. ?
    Ron McKenzie, CPC-A
    Greater Orlando FL Chapter

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