Need help finding correct cpt codes.
1.Bilateral retrograde pyelogram
2.Failed attempt at exchanging the right ureteral stent

Contrast injected manually through the existing right and left retrograde catheters. On right side a guide wire was advanced into the renal pelvis. The existing catheter was removed over the wire and a new 10.5 French ureteral catheter was advanced but as it was advancing, the catheter came down in to the ileal bladder and we lost access.
We tried to recanalize the ureter but this was not possible.

With similar techique a guide wire was advanced in to the left ureteral catheter up to the renal pelvis. Over the wire the catheter was removed and a new 10.5 French 50 cm long cath was advanced. It's distal loop was reconstituted in the renal pelvis.

1. Successful exchange of left retrograde ureteral catheter.
2. Retrograde access to the right system was lost.

Should I code 50382 x2 or -50 since both stents were implanted eventhough one only made it to the bladder OR
50382 -LT
50384 -RT

This was an outpatient procedure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Kimberly C