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Thread: CPT codes with anesthesia

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    Default CPT codes with anesthesia

    I have been told that example CPT code, 23655, Closed tx of shoulder dislocation with manipulation requiring anesthesia should not be billed unless the anesthesia states general. It this true? The coding question that was on my workbook stated with IV sedation. Therefore how would you code this example?

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    The only codes that this is true with are those codes that specifically state (requiring GENERAL anesthesia).

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    Hi, from 3M Nosology: CPT code descriptors that include the phrases 'with anesthesia' or 'requiring anesthesia' indicate that the work involved in performing that procedure requires anesthesia, whether it is general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, or monitored anesthesia care.

    Moderate (conscious) sedation is not an anesthesia service.

    Hope this helps

    Melanie R. Daugherty, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P
    Coder, Ambulatory Procedure Department
    Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
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    I really miss 3M and 3M Nosology
    Donna, CPC, CPC-H

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