DX: Draining pelvic cavity secondary to radation therapy, status post rectum ca
OP note
pt was prepped and placed in lithotromy position using a guide sheath it was carefully placed thru the cutanous opening into the pelvis. some hypaque dye was irrigated thru the catheter, using the C-arm the cavity was identified. This was then irrigated and cultures taken. Next thrombin, doxycycline and collagen were mixed and inserted into the cavity and held in place for several minutes, then a pigtail catheter was slid in over the sheaths and released in a way to make it stay in the cavity, a bulb syringe was then applied to the catheter and the fluid was slowly removed from the area. the area was then cleaned up, some granulation tissue was excised and removed from the operative field, sterile dressings applied,

Need help with CPT Codes Please.......thanks in advance.