I have a tough microsurgical case that I need help with. Here are the details of the first case:
1. Exploration iliac vessels.
2. Free Latissimu dorsi myocutaneous flap. Application of VAC and excision portion of the ischium and portion of the pelvic rim. Debridement muscle.

Patient's diagnosis is recurrent sarcoma right lower extremity and pelvis.

The second case was done as a complication hours later:
1. Exploraion failing latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap pelvis
2. Under microscope, division of the flap vessels with reanastomosis of the thoracodorsal artery to the external iliac artery and reanastomosis of the thoracodorsal vein to the external iliac vein.
3. Reinset of flap and application of large VAC device.

HELP!! Thank you so much