Thecongruency of the cords was transected proximally in the palm and thendissected distally following the tendovaginal canals, dissecting deep
following the neurovascular bundles. Dissection was carried to the MP joint ofthe small finger first. The deep cords were transected at the intermetacarpalarea and along the lumbricals dissecting the diseased tissue off thetendovaginal canals. The neurovascular bundles were carefully dissected. Theulnar digital artery to the ring finger in the dissection was transected. Thiswas fixed under the microscope with 10-0 nylon suture after approximating andirrigating the ends and approximating then. However, the nerve rested intact.Dissection was then carried to the PIP joints where long cords went all theway down to the PIP joint. These were dissected free. The tissue in thewebspace was dissected free.