I am on a Task Force for Colorado Clean Claims Transparency & Uniformity here in the state of Colorado and I am wondering if you might be able to help us with a visual that we would like to show the industry.

As we all know we have to change the way we bill each insurance company based on who we are billing, example: If we bill a bilateral procedure one company wants it on one line with a 50 modifier, one wants it on 2 lines with an RT and LT, one wants it on one line with 2 units, etc etc.

I am no longer doing surgical coding, so I can't show what my desk used to look like, but I used to have cheat sheets taped up all over the place on who to bill what to, and what guidelines I needed to appeal which types of claims (NCCI, AAOS, etc) for each carrier. I would really like to give a visual to a presentation on what coders have to do to get paid and I am hoping someone could send me a picture of their desk, chaos and all, to allow others to take a quick peek on a coder's world. If you would be willing to do this, it would be greatly appreciated. My home email is swaahealy@msn.com If you are interested in the task force (coding edge is doing an article on it soon) our website is HB101332taskforce.org

Thank you so much for your help,

Wendi Healy, CPC