We had a doctor perform a Endoscopic needle-knife cricopharyngeus septotomy for a Zenker's diverticulum. This is normally a open procedure. Anyone run across this rare situation and what code did you use or would suggest?

The procedure note:
The entire examined stomach was normal . Placement of a 0.025 inch visivlide wire into the stomach was succesful using the GIF-XP160n scope placed transnasally. A 12 Fr nasogastric tube was then advanced, over the guide wire to serve as a guide during the septotomy. Placement of the NG tube into the stomach was confirmed by endoscopic visualization.

The GIF-160 upper endoscope was then advanced via the mouth. A small diverticulum with a small opening was found at the cricopharyngeus. Septotomy using a needle knife was successful. The NG tube was then removed.

Impression: -Zenker's diverticulum. Endoscopic needle-knife cricopharyngeus septotomy performed.