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    My MD is wanting to place a cecostomy tube in a patient (child) in the office and have them go to radiology dept of hospital for a "spit" test to ensure proper placment. In the past we have done this in OR, but are looking to find a more cost effecient way to handle this. Our MD does not trust radiologist to place tube at this time. I have looked for a HCPCS code for the tube set itself and found A4301 and we would use 43760 to code procedure, I believe. I was wondering if anyone had handled it this way and whether that code is typically reimburseable by carriers. Any help is appreciated.

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    43760 is change of a gastrostomy tube - that doesn't sound like what you are doing.
    A4301 is a vascular catheter and not appropriate for this.
    Is your doctor using guidance for placing the tube? if so, look at 49442.

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