Postoperative Diagnosis:
1. Right wrist mass, status post CMC arthroplasty

Procedure Performed:
1. Right wrist excision, reconstruction of joint capsule.

Indications/Significant History: Ms. Doe, a 58 year old female status post right CMC arthroplasty, she had a bulging mass over the incision site, no signs or erythema. The risks and benefits of operative intervention were described to the patient and she wishes to proceed.

Operative Course: The patient was identified i nthe holding area. The right upper extremity was marked. The patient wqas taken to the operating room and placed supine on the operating table. The right upper extremity was prepped and draped in the standard surgical fashion. An esmarch bandage was used to exsanguinate the limb and the tourniquet was inflated to 250mmHg. A longitudinal incision was made over the previous incision and the mass was visualized. this was a piece of the anchovy tendon. This was excised and the rest of it was carefully irrigated and pushed back into the joint. The capsule was then reconstructed with local soft tissue with #2-0 Fiber Wire stitches, this had excellent repair. The would was then copiously irrigated and closed with horizontal mattress and interrupted 3-0 Prolene stitches. The patient was then placed in a thumb Spica splint and the tourniquet was let down. She was taken to the recovery room in good condition, there were no complications.