No problem with the aortic valve replacement but what about teh debridement of annular abscess and closure of arota to right ventricular fistula and closure of the fistula and closure of pseudoaneurysm

"aorta was opened after a left ventricular vent was placed through the right superior pulmonary vein. there were vegetations presenent on the aortic valve leaflets. In addition there was an ascess cavity present in the anterior sinus and alos in the non coronary sinus. The infected devitalized tissue was debrided and sent to pathology for microbiological and histologican examinatino. A considerable amount of tissue was removed ." continues to debride and resect "After closure of the fistulas, the annulus was sized to a 23 mm valve."then places a St. Jude epic procine valve.
Any suggestions

Thanks in advance!