I just got my results yesterday. I passed YEAH!!!!!! I finished with more than 2 hours left in the exam but I had circled some questions thatI wanted to go back to and spend a little more time if I was able. By finishing early, I was able to sit back and take a short break before going back to look at the questions I wanted to revisit. An important note is: DON'T CHANGE ANY ANSWER UNLESS YOU ARE POSITIVE ABOUT THE CHANGE. They say your first instinct is usually correct.

Personally, I found the E/M codes the most difficult only because I let a couple of them rattle me.

I chose not to get up and take any breaks before completing the exam because the clock doesn't stop. So, be mindful of that.

I had a borrowed book so I couldn't make any notes in the book personally but they did allow notes just no additional papers or attachments to the books.

Good luck. Relax and you'll do fine.