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I too am very frustrated.. I passed my certification in May 2010 and have been trying to find that coding job I desire. Like you, I have a passion for this type of employment. I have a background in accounting, but after being home to start a family for approx 9 years I went back to school for Medical Coding, and I absolutely love it! I did get a job initially in a small one-doctor practice as a medical assistant, which I had zero experience, in hopes of that being my foot in the door. But, unfortunately it did not lead to a coding position, I think because it was a small practice with no real opportunity to move around. However, I have not given up my search for the job I really would love. I have been paying attention to the soon to be ICD-10 change and I have working on the modules offered by the AAPC to keep myself motivated. Also, I have been working with AAPC with the apprentice removal program, and I am hoping that web site will be up again soon. If you can, do the ICD-10 modules, because you not only familiarize yourself with ICD-10, you earn those valuable ceu's that are needed. Like the advice that was given in the above post, I agree that the ICD-10 is going to be very important in the near future. Also, when the web site for the apprentice program comes back up, it also provides great information and practice for coding. You might want to consider it as well. I too am not ready to give up my dream to be a coder, so I will continue to keep applying to anything that will get me on that path. I hope this makes you feel better about things knowing you are not alone in this quest. Good things come to those of us who are persistent! So just keep applying for the jobs, and don't be afraid of taking a job that isn't exactly what you want or think you can do. I was not certified to be a medical assistant, but I received a great amount of knowlege about the actual procedures that are done, which are very helpful in understanding what the codes meanand how/why they are applied, and that they are not just numbers. Good luck to you in this adventure!!
Very good advice. Unfortunately, the apprentice removal program hasn't been available in some locations (East Texas). I'm going to check, maybe they are now. I've been busy and have just logged back in today after several months.