My question to the following article...Would an Registered Nurse be considered a "qualified non physican professional"?? We are providing weight management visits to overweight children at our office...she does 30-60 min visits, one on one. She bills under the child's provider and there are orders from the provider in the chart. The providers are on site during these visits...we've already worked around the ICD9 so that's not the issue...the issue is would she be considered "qualified" to bill out 96150 and 96152??

This is a recent article, published 4/11..
Please tell me what you think...

How are codes 96150–96155 used?
Health and behavior intervention codes are reported by qualified nonphysician health care professionals (eg, nutritionists, psychologists) who have training in health and behavior assessment and intervention procedures. Codes 96150–96155 are used to modify the psychological, behavioral, emotional, cognitive, and social factors identified as important to or directly affecting the patient's physiological functioning, disease status, health, and well-being. The focus of the intervention is to improve the patient's health and well-being using cognitive, behavioral, social, or psychophysiological procedures designed to ameliorate specific obesity-related problems.

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Tina OSullivan CPC