Hi, I am new to the optometry specialty and I'm beginning to question how Binocular Vision Evaluations are currently being billed at our facility. Can anyone tell me if it is appropriate to bill a BV Eval with the same codes we use for our routine eye exams and to bill it to vision plans? It seems to be that because vision plans only allow one exam a year and they are typically brought back for a BV Eval its incorrect to bill the two with teh same code. I also beleive that because the BV Eval is done only if there is a sign or symptom suggesting they need it that it should always be coded as a medical exam and billed to medical insurance not vision. Will Vision plans pay for BV Evals with a medical diagnosis because all I am seeing is denials. Recently they've decided that the BV Evaluation should be coded as a Sensorimotor exam 92060 and I'm not saying thats incorrect but it seems like there are 3 different ways this can be billed and I;m unclear which direction is correct. Can someone please explain the proper process of the BV Evaluation and appropriate billing and coding when subsequent to a routine eye exam. Most of our patients have medical & vision insurance.

Thank you,