Hi all!

I have been coding for neurology for the past 2 years and a topic that always surfaces is WADA testing and appropriate coding of.
I guess the main questions I need help in answering are:
is code 95958 written as tho it is supposed to test both sides of the brain? so the most you would ever bill is one unit? modifiers rt, lt and 50 are not applicable to the code. If this is the case would you use mod 52 if only one side were tested? I also assume mod 26 is appropriate for the neurologist on this code as well.

Second question:
does code 95958 include the physician portion of the testing such as verbal, written or language assesment, etc interpretation and reports? there has been discussion that assesment of aphasia with code 96105 and the amount of hours are most aprropriate. if so, would you bill both for the neurologist?

I understand what is being performed at these visits, with the injections and so forth, but the code descriptor seems a little vague to us in the coding department, any help or research links would be most appreciated.