I am just wondering in what instances I may use a G8 modifier. The LCD says for cases (00100,00160,00300,00400,00532,00920) that are markedly deep, complex, or invasive.
Who determines that? Does markedly mean they must literally dictate "This is a complex (etc.) procedure." Or am I, as the coder, allowed to determine what deep, complex, or invasive is, based on the documentation. My main issue is with Endoscopic sinus surgeries. THEY ALL SOUND DEEP COMPLEX AND INVASIVE. They cut into turbinates, and use knives to chisel out hardened mucous and fungal balls. SO I am wondering- do I have the the right to append a G8 to the 00160 because it sounds complex/invasive to ME, or does it need to be specifically stated in plain wording as such.
And if you have this answer- in regards to endoscopic nasal surgery, which all sounds complicated to me, what procedures would the surgeon consider to be complex/invasive?
(resection of turbinates? Antrostomies? Chiseling out a fungal ball? I could go on and on...)

ANY information you have would be appreciated!