In both scenarios, the hospital DOES NOT have a NICU. All providers are Pediatricians

Patient A: Newborn DOB: 11-8 at 11:30pm

Dr. X sees patient at 1:15am on 11-9 called in by nursing staff to assess pt (initial visit) for tachynpea and WOB, Dr. X is monitoring newborn, and to be placed under O2 hood, chest xray ordered

Dr. Y sees patient at time of rounds on 11-9 patient no longer tachypenic doing well. Regular monitoring of vitals.

Dr. Z sees patient at 7pm on 11-9 called in to asses pt's x-ray for pneumothorax and ordered tx if pt has WOB,.ordered follow up x-ray

Patient B:
Newborn DOB: 11-9 at 9:45pm

Dr. X attended delivery of newborn. Patient critical, provider spends 4 hours stabilizing patient, stabilization brings him into the following day 11-10

Dr. Y sees newborn codes 99480 for visit on 11-10

A. How do I bill for Dr. X's critical care time where he has documented total of 4 hours spent which spans 2 days (11-9 into 11-10)

B. Am I able to bill for Dr. Y's subsequent visit where Dr. X's critical care continued into the am hours on 11-10

Is 99468 location driven or provider driven? Does the patient have to be cared for in a NICU? Does the provider have to be a neonatologist?