It just depends on the reason for the lab draw but if a patient in on meds for hyperlipidemia then the lab test is to make sure the drug is being effective while not adversly affecting other organs, cholesterol meds can adversly affect the liver and must be monitored for this there fore it is a high risk med. If it is screening for hyperlipidemia the we need to use a screening code, many people shy away from using V codes at all and will use the code for what they are screening for when the patient may not have the disease, it is so important to know this as the patient can have issues down the road related to how we code their record. Rarely are drugs tests performed to check a disease we know they have, mainly we are checking the medication levels for therapeutic value. Coding Clinics have covered this in numerous issues, one of the more recent was doing a bone density study for patients receiving phosamax and this too is to be coded with the V58.83 with the V58.69.
Just something for you to watch for.