Need help coding this procedure. My dr. removed hip screw & plate, took off femoral head, & put in an antibiotic spacer. We're both not sure which code would be most appropriate. I know the hardware removal will be bundled.

Op report--

Hardware was removed. The screw holes were curettaged and the plate bed was curettaged. The femoral head was dislocated and a clean-up osteotomy was performed. The acetabulum also had hypervascular tissue and granulation tissue present. This was reamed and started with a 47 mm & ending with a 53 mm reamer. This took us down to good cancellous bleeding bone bed for delivery of intravenous antibiotics. Femoral canal was then reamed to make sure to clear it of all osteomyelitic tissue. Twelve liters of antibiotic saline were then utilized irrigating this through the joint. The antibiotic prosthesis cement was mixed up and injected into the molds. The femoral component, once hard, was removed from the molds, assembled, and trialed with a plus 6 neck length neck component. It was then cemented into place using cement around the proximal aspect of the femoral component. The head & neck combination was then assembled, tapped onto the trunnion, and reduced into the acetabulum.

Any information is greatly appreciated.