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With examination under anesthesia with abduction and external rotation, the patient frankly dislocated anteriorly. There was a positive sulcus sign but mild with inferior traction and then posteriorly with flexion and internal rotation stressing. There was no posterior instability but normal translation. The patient was then placed in the beach chair position draped and prepped in the usual sterile manner. IV antibiotics were administered. Standard posterior portal was used with a blunt trocar into the joint and organized inspection of the joint revealed the above-noted findings of the Bankard lesion, type II superior labral tear, and a large Hill-Sachs lesion and then two anterior portals were placed superomedially and inferoleterally and we then probed the labrum superiorly as well as inferiorly. There was wear on the anterior and inferior glenoid rim and the quality of the tissue was not excellent but we were able to mobilize the labrum and capsule anteriorly and inferiorly with an elevator then scarified the neck of the glenoid and then using an awl and a drill, we inserted two 3.0 Blo-SutureTak Anchors with two #2 FiberWires through the islets. In a suture relay fashion shifting from inferior to superior, we reattached the capsular ligament structures up on to the neck of the glenoid with Fleega knots and several half hitches. A secure anterior repair was obtained. We restored the bumper as well as tightened the anterior inferior capsule and pouch. We then turned our attention to the superior labrum where a lateral portal was placed just lateral to the acromion and then we scarified the neck of the superior glenoid from the anterior portal and then from the lateral portal, we used an aw and drill and inserted another 3.0 Bio-SutureTak anchors and then in suture relay fashion from the anterior portal. We placed the limbs of the suture of the anchor through the labrum and then secured the superior labrum down the bone with Fleega knot. We copiously irrigated….