I need help....
Have a patient that started in procedures room in the Endo department for a Colonoscopy with a biopsy. The patient was given versed and benedryl and the patient became more aggitated. So the procedure was not done, patient was then moved into an OR room and put into a deeper sedation and the procedure 45380-PT was performed.

Problem: I have a revenue center 360 for the OR time with the code 45380 but I also have a charge for the Endo dept (750 revenue center) for a level one acuity (procedures are entered by acuity then coded). Of course my billing module wants a CPT for the 750 revenue code but when I sent to the coding dept they stated that there was no procedure to code. I asked if the sedation could be coded 99144 under 750 rev center and I was told and confirmed the "99144 would be the CPT code for the sedation, but since the sedation is a component of the procedure, it is not coded separately." So now what do I do with this charge from Endo that I can get no procedure code for?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Sarah CPC-H-A