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Thread: Genital Warts, Medicare Pap

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    Default Genital Warts, Medicare Pap

    I apologize for not knowing how to bill this in advance.

    The patient is a medicare patient. A pap is done. During the pap a medication is applied for the genital warts.

    My question is the diagnosis coding. Dr. put down V72.31 and 078.11. I feel that it is not a normal pap and should just be coded with the 078.11.

    Please tell me if I am correct in my thinking. This is the first case like this I have ever coded.

    Thank you for your time and for helping me to code this properly.

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    V72.31 encompases screening for cervical or vaginal cancer. That is the reason she is performing the pap. When coding the pap, unless her documentation states that a previous pap was abnormal, you would use V72.31 as your diagnosis, not 078.11.
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    Thank you so much for your help with my question. Greatly Appreciated.

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