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Thread: modifier lt/rt how many units

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    Default modifier lt/rt how many units

    The office I work for has insisted on using the modifier lt/rt for bilateral procedures but using the units of 2. Is this correct or should this be one?

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    It depends on what CPT it is
    Jenifer McPolin CPC, CPMA, RCC

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    LT and RT modifiers are anatomical modifiers. You can use only 1 anatomical modifier per line item code, so there is never a time when 2 units would be used with LT or RT. Bilateral can be billed as one line item with a 50 modifier and 1 unit of service or as two line items using RT and LT each with 1 unit. I know many people in this forum will tell you to use 2 units with the 50 modifier however the Medicare instructions are 1 unit and most carriers instruct to use 1 unit. I have observe incorrect reimbursement when using 2 units.

    Debra A. Mitchell, MSPH, CPC-H

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