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    If I change my office hours from 9-5 to 8-6 can I bill all patients that come from 8-9 and 5-6 a 99050 in addition to their E/M code. My posted hours went from the 9-5 and are now posted 8-6.
    Thanks for any insight.

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    I'm not sure that's what that means. The way I read it is that code is for when you see a patient outside of your scheduled office hours. Since you extended your hours and have them posted, 8-6 is now your "regularly scheduled office hours". If your hours were still 9-5 and you stayed late to accomodate a patient with scheduling issues (cant get out of work before 5, works far away and wont be there till 6, etc.), then you could use 99050 to show you went out of your way. This would also work if you didnt have weekend hours and made an exception for a patient.

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    I'm glad Aaron attempted to answer your question, because I just wan't sure what you meant. But even if you do have grounds to code and charge for the 99050 just be aware you still might get a denial (based on your payer) and you might have to submit charge notes. We often receive denials for this code and usually have to appeal with chart notes,
    Suzanne E. Byrum CPC

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