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    I just read at iHealth Beat, that the American College of Physicians commented on the ICD-10 delay, with something totally different in mind. They want CMS to consider implementing "Systemized Nomenclature of Medicine-Clinical Terms" or SNOMED-CT instead. You can read the artical here:

    I can't see CMS agreeing to do this because all the money that has been put into ICD-10 will be wasted. Is anyone familar with SNOMED, and do you think CMS would even think about this?

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    I have been searching information on SNOWMED-CT. Here is a link to some information:

    ICD-10 CM is based on the structure of ICD-9 that we are already familiar with. SNOWMED-CT appears to be completely different and also looks as though it requires 2 codes for every diagnosis. ICD-10 has the same format as ICD-9, so you can look up the name and find the code the same way you have always done.

    Michelle Hanson, CPC

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