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Thread: CPT Code for Arthroscopic Distal Ulna Resection

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    Question CPT Code for Arthroscopic Distal Ulna Resection

    Question for anyone who can help me! I have an op note in which a physician has performed a wrist scope w/ debridement and repair of TFCC (29846). The physician also performed an arthroscopic distal ulna resection procedure. I have yet to find a code for the arthroscopic distal ulna resection. Is there such a code, and if so, what are the bundling issues since the physician was working in the same area and incision. PLEASE HELP!!

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    unfortunately you are stuck with adding the unlisted code 29999. It is not normal for them to resect the distal ulna while doing a TFCC repair therefore you shouldnt have to worry about any bundling issues. When using the 29999 I would reference on your claim the open code for the distal ulna resection.

    hope this helps

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    Thank you so much! I thought I may have to use the unlisted but it always helps to get a second opinion.


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