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Thread: Insertion and removal of a knee spacer

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    Default Insertion and removal of a knee spacer

    I have a physician who removed and inserted an exactech interspace in a patient with an infected total knee arthroplasty.
    He also performed a median parapatellar arthrotomy incision was made. synovectomy-excision of scar tissue was performed. exactech interspace was removed. Radical debridement and irrigation with antibiotics performed

    I read in an AAOS Now Sep 07, that nonbiodegradable antibiotic- impregnanted cement spacer removal should be coded 11982 and the insertion 11981. The revision would be 11983.

    Cpt 27310- Arthrotomy, knee, with exploration, drainage, or removal of foreign body (eg, infection)
    CPT 11983 - Removal with reinsertion, non-biodegradable drug delivery implant

    Does this seem correct? Any opinions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    27310 and 11983 are appropriate. Infiltration of meds, synovial biopsy, debridement, capsular release/ repair are all included.

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