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Thread: Coding bilateral x-rays

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    Question Coding bilateral x-rays

    I work at an orthopaedics office in NJ. My Dr's sometimes will do bilateral x-rays. They want to charge for each set of x-rays taken. How do I code this?
    I have tried ex: 73110 wrist (3V) RT and 73110 LT and we will get paid for 1 x-ray. I have tried 73110 50 x 2 and again we only get paid for 1 x-ray. Am I coding this incorrectly? Or are my Dr's expecting too much?

    My thanks for any help I can get!

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    The correct way to bill for bilateral is the code with a 50 modifier and 1 unit of service the payer will pay 150% which is correct. Except for Blue cross and in most states for BC you must code one line with RT and one line with LT so
    73110 50 1 unit or:
    73110 RT 1 unit plus
    73110 LT 1 unit
    You may need to appeal this to get paid for both, ICD-10 CM will fix this as the diagnosis codes are specific to Right , left and bilateral.

    Debra A. Mitchell, MSPH, CPC-H

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    Thank you very much

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    And if that doesn't work try
    73110 59

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