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Thread: Reduction of peri-umbilical hernia

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    Default Reduction of peri-umbilical hernia

    Can anyone tell what they would use to code a reduction of peri-umbilical hernia at the bedside. I don't see a specific code to support what was done and I'm thinking it's included in the E&M code. What do others think?
    adrianne, cpc

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    If the procedure was done manually with no surgical intervention, it would be included in the E&M service.


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    Default Manual hernia reduction under anesthesia

    I am having a heck of a time figuring out a code for manual hernia reduction performed under anesthesia. Any ideas?

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    Default manual reduction

    I'm not finding anything either. The only option would be an unlisted code and hope for the best. They may or may not pay depending on the documentation of need for anesthesia.
    Good luck!

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