I have an op note that I am going back and forth with. Note reads: Th right upper extremity was prepped and draped in the routine sterile fashion and a well paddes tournoquet was placed on the right upper arm. An incision was made over the area of the middle extensor tendon, through which sharp and blunt dissection was used to dissect down to the extensor tendon, which was noted to be subluxed ulnarly. The ulnar extensor hood was then cut and extended using a small flap. The radial was then repaired and reinforced using local tissue. This allowed for full extension and flexion of the digit without any subluxation. The wounds were then irrigated with normal saline solution and closed using Vicryl for fascial layers.

H&P states right hand middle finger tendon repair, physician's office is telling me that they are coding out 26410. I was looking at 26437.

help is appreciated.