Please help me with this procedure?
Procedures performed:
1-left thumb trapeziectomy,
2-left thumb reconstruction with tendon transfer of flexor carpi radialis.

Using an incision over the dorsum of the skin at the thumb, I carried this sharply down to the skin and exposed the base of the thumb. I then exposed the trapezium and carefully, I removed this piece meal using a Rongeur.

I exposed the FCR in the center portion of the wound. I removed the entire trapezium and then made a small incision of the FCR tendon. I stripped the radial half of the FCR tendon. I tacked this with 0 Vicryl suture and gently passed it into the distal aspect of the wound. I then made a drill hole at the base of the thumb, and transferred this over the thumb itself with the thumb in an abducted position. I utilized 0 vicryl and tacked this down into the base of the wound. I closed ...