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Thread: Egd with Stent Removal

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    Default Egd with Stent Removal

    I am looking for a CPT code to fit the procedure. A insurance verification specialist for a ASC is wanting a code to use while she is verifying benefits. I can't find a code that has "stent removal" with the EGD codes. Any assistance is appreciated!!

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    How far is your doctor planning on scoping? There is 43215 which says it includes removal of esophageal stent but is only for scoping I think the esophagus. Then there is 43247 which says it includes removal of esophageal stent but the scope has to go to the duodenum and/or jejunum. Hope that helps.

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    I gave her the 43215 to use for now.. I don't believe he will be scoping to the jejunum, but I will pass along the code as well. Thank you for your help! Its always nice to get another set of eyes and ears on this stuff.

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